Sunday, 2 November 2008

What would you do with 130 old sewing patterns.

Aha, it finally arrived, a big box of 130 sewing patterns.
I paid AU$100 including postage, which works out to about AU$o.80 a pattern.

I was very glad to find that they were all mostly 1970s but also 50s and 60s patterns. I am also glad I don't like the clothing much from any of those eras, else I'd be wanting to keep them all.
I used to sew 70s clothes for myself from patterns I found from the second hand shops.
Until one day (I don't get out much) I saw copies of 1970s styles being sold in the real shops.
I suppose it all must be popular now, inevitably I no longer think they're unique.
Now I just make whatever I feel like at the time.

I've put up a collage of some of the patterns to give you an idea of the lucky deal I got.
If you want a look I'll be selling them on eBay, look for the seller tommyseye.

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