Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Costumes for the little people: Jack and a naked Mime.

Although it could be a shame that I spent hours creating this costume for such a small inanimate little person, I think it turned out rather nice and now I know what I can do.


In a book on Theater I saw an old drawing of a clown with a top hat, I wanted to make a little one for my only naked porcelain mime. The hat was made but never made it to the mime, instead I thought it suited 'Jack' much better. Jack is a doll that I've had for about ten years. He has a sad face and very real looking eyes. Now he has only one leg and a bad haircut.

Two things I didn't make: Who is G.S. Healy?

Last weekend, we piled into the station wagon with Lisa at the helm. We were to drive off to Cannington -a veritable nest of second hand shops. As second hand shops are the only places we can afford to shop at this was a treat.
I was secretly glad I did not come back with a thousand things, but one thing i did come back with is now exceedingly treasured. Since I began to sew as prolifically as i do now, I do not buy many clothes and any bought clothes I have are now outnumbered by my custom creations. Both groups now vie for my attentions, I don't have to say which group will always hold my best favours.

For $10 (an extravagance for someone like me) I took home a pair of 1950s trousers, they are adjustable just about everywhere and must have over 20 buttons in all. They came with a pair of old style suspenders, which read Police and Firemen, I supposed it is an old uniform. They seem almost new apart form some loose buttons, maybe they were on display someplace.
I don't know if the trousers be for male or female but they fit me like a glove.

The purple jumper with the elaphants I bought for $1 last winter and is probably size 16. yesterday I discovered I could resize it using a basic pattern, I added a little puff to the sleeves and darts to the front to make it more interesting. I like it even better now and all it took was only a little half hour off my evening.

The coat that accidentally turned into a dressing gown.

But never mind, I still like it and it's very warm. I got to try it out because we just had a week of winter last week, now it's almost 40 degrees again. I hate summer.
One day I'll make another with cloth that doesn't look like pajamas.

Catching up meself with all the new stuff I've made:

Monday, 18 February 2008

19th Century Men's waistcoat.

I don't know how I did it, but I made an extra buttonhole. I don't believe I'll find one more of those buttons, for now I can do without. Waistcoats are fun to make, especially lined ones, because all seams are tucked inside.