Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Slew of magnificant trousers: part 2

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Two times lucky, I found a second dog blanket.

My most recent sewing project.
This blanket had more holes in it but it was the exact same blanket as the one i used to make My Ideal Coat.
I wish I could find copies of this blanket all the time. It's rough fabric and is my favourite kind. It's also fun to use the stripes in interesting ways.

Another blanket coat.

Most of my ideas for stuff to make I get from looking at old pictures and photographs. This coat has very long sleeves, and was made out of a second hand blanket.

Black and white stripes.

Five odd things. All made quite some time ago.

This fabric is really coarse and sratchy, which i really like. I like clothes to look old and worn and used. This is why I get old blankets and curtains to slice up and use for costume.

A top pulled from the 1940s.

I used the same pattern for this blouse as for the diamond print blouse. Both have 18 darts in all.

The diamond print, the clown's frill and the untied bow tie.

This diamond blouse is made from a 1940s pattern, besides being very fitted because of it's 18 darts -it does not look very 1940s because I made it with a different collar.
There is a brown checkered top with a white collar which I made from the same pattern, it looks a lot more authentic.

This frill was as easy as it looks and goes pretty with the diamonds, though it isn't attached to the blouse which means I can wear it with anything.

This is an untied bow tie, I like it better untied mostly because I don't know how to tie an un-tied bow-tie.

My new blue friend.

For once I've bought something for over ten dollars.
I finally got myself a dressmakers mannequin, it was quite cheap from a second hand store.
I didn't know having one could be so useful. Before when making stuff I'd have to try half finished monstrosities on myself, pins sticking out (and in) and all.
It has other uses besides saving me from looking like a sieve. I got round to photographing just about all the clothes I've ever made, besides the ones I've given away, thrown away, burnt or ones just too ugly.
As my new blue plastic friend has no legs I was not able photograph the several pairs of trousers I've sewn. It is also a great shame a dressmakers mannequin has no arms, which means all my fantastic billowing sleeves can only hang limp.

I've gone through and added new photos to all my posts. Have a look.