Saturday, 29 November 2008

Mighty glorious these.

Ah, there is something wrong with a man if he does not want to wear these.
How about those breeches? You know those over-worn 3/4 length pants that every man feels compelled to wear nowadays? -All they are is a modern (uglier, boringer) version of the above breeches.

The ugliest things in modern mens wear:

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Felt spats.

I got those shoes for $2 and covered them with felt and fabric glue.
They're meant to look like they've got spats on. I quite like them and do plan to wear them the first chance I get. Due to short sightedness I had to make a total of 3 trips to the shop for more felt.

Friday, 14 November 2008

A felt cameo brooch.

Not being able to sew lately must be the reason for the churning out of all these non sewing projects.
First the clay, then the clay painting, gluing a hat together and now this.
Felt, scissors, glue and a bit of stiff card. So simple but quite gratifying.

More than just a mime-head.

Monday, 10 November 2008

The mime-head and other stories.

I don't know what kind of clay this is but it is wonderful stuff.
It's easy to mold, it isn't messy, and when it is dry you can still shape it with your choice of some sharp object.
I had made this head intending to attach it to a headless clown that I'd been saving for this very thing. But it turned out the head wasn't suited to the clown body. I cannot bear seeing my failed projects so it was put away.
Today I suddenly decided I wanted to paint it and now here he is with an ink painted face.
I like how the black ink makes his head shiny.
It is, of course, in keeping with my mime/clown fixation as well as plenty of doubt as to it's gender.

I had so much fun painting the mime that I got out the clay again and am eager for this next one to dry.

A hat with no uses.

Pretty much the most useless thing I've made. It is, I think because of the shape, called a pillbox hat. I had the shell lying around which I put together quite a while ago, so I decided today I'd force myself to finish it.
If you notice that the lace I used is discoloured in parts this is due to age. The white or slightly yellowed lace is probably 50 years old -having been rescued by me from being buried in a second hand shop.
As with everything I make, all materials have been rescued. -And lots of fabric glue.
I wish I had made it smaller.

A view of the inside. I've put a thick piece of cardboard in the top to make it solid. The button in the center is attached though a hole to the lace on the top, and helps hold it in place.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

What would you do with 130 old sewing patterns.

Aha, it finally arrived, a big box of 130 sewing patterns.
I paid AU$100 including postage, which works out to about AU$o.80 a pattern.

I was very glad to find that they were all mostly 1970s but also 50s and 60s patterns. I am also glad I don't like the clothing much from any of those eras, else I'd be wanting to keep them all.
I used to sew 70s clothes for myself from patterns I found from the second hand shops.
Until one day (I don't get out much) I saw copies of 1970s styles being sold in the real shops.
I suppose it all must be popular now, inevitably I no longer think they're unique.
Now I just make whatever I feel like at the time.

I've put up a collage of some of the patterns to give you an idea of the lucky deal I got.
If you want a look I'll be selling them on eBay, look for the seller tommyseye.