Sunday, 5 July 2009

A green waistcoat called Corduroy:

In the picture I'm wearing my Charlie Chaplin coat and trousers. But the green waistcoat is one I made recently. -I like to think it's missing a button on purpose, gives it a little more character.
It's got two little fake pockets on either side and is made of second hand green corduroy and lined with calico.

About a 1940s jacket and it's pointy hood.

Here I am wearing the jacket made from the above pattern. It's got a nice pointy hood. The fabric and buttons I used were second hand.

(Better not try and guess what's happening in the photograph. -Although the chickens in the background seem to be feathery accomplices of some sort.)

I made those pants and lederhosen recently out of an old blanket and dented silver buttons.

Putting together a Charlie Chaplin costume

The only thing I acually made were the pants, which I made oversized and baggy.
I got a coat second hand and made it into a small tailcoat, and cut the front back into that rounded shape. And used a grater to age it and make it look rag-tag, also rubbed cornstarch into it to make it loook faded. -Which was fun because I had never done that before.
For the hat what I did was colour it black, it used to be light blue.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My grandparents peeking out of a frame.

A rather odd wedding photograph of them. I glued it and some card onto back, and if that wasn't enough, on top of all those layers I glued a brooch pin.
Now I can wear my grandparents on my sleeve.

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Hello there.
You can see that there is quite a gap between this post and my last, this is because I've begun studying costume construction at university. This means I've had to adjust to the necessity of being someplace by 9:00 every morning.
This experience is made all the more unusual since in all my life I've never attended any kind of learning institution. School was charts on the wall and the dining room table for my siblings and I.
What I miss most about being home are the movies I'd stay up watching most weeknights, having time to read, and my pet duck Pegasus.

In picture time today, here is the most recent pattern I've bought. I've just cut out the pieces and am about to start making the jacket.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Still an interesting costume.

A little bit of Photoshop in honour of my brother Johnny's birthday.
Hurriedly, and partly for my own amusement, I stuck his and his wife's head on top of a photograph of my great grandparents. I think the hat and suit suit him just fine! -Don't you?

And here is a nice old film clip to go along with it: Ain't She Sweet -Lillian Roth 1933