Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Magnet making. And two little clown statues.

Each real estate agent in our area issues a calender magnet every year without fail. Inevitably there will be a photo of the agent, each with the same smile, big and fake. Thanks to Mum's newspaper round I can have as many of these magnets as I want.
I ripped off their faces and their advertising (with pleasure) and instead glued on these old photographs. The top one is of my great grandparents on my Mum's side -I'm pretty sure the picture was taken at my grandparent's wedding. I'll have to ask Nanny who the people in the other photo are, I'm guessing they are relatives from England.
I added photo corners to make the pictures look just like they did in Nanny's photo album.

Nothing to do with magnets, but I found these little guys today for a dollar each. The one on the left is missing an arm. They blend right in.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I'm a busy little bee.

Once again Mum has got us, but mainly me, busy.
She's very clever this way, I only just realised how clever, she's got me making things and wrapping stuff up for her. She has even got me using my prized brown paper.
I thought that I didn't have to worry about this Christmas stuff till I had 10 children and hundreds of inlaws to appease.

Sister Lisa and I spent last night in the living room factory churning out the Christmas cards, haunched over like factory workers. At least we were allowed to view a film while we worked.

A shirt for my brother from Mum, somehow without asking me to do anything she got me to do this.

Well, this was my own initiative -though how can I be sure, really.
Pop (Mum's Dad) took a little box camera to New Guinea when he was stationed there during World War 2. He took a lot of pictures and developed them all himself while there.
There's even one he took of a Japanese general surrendering.
I'm transferring them to a new album, and loving every minute of it, these pictures are so interesting.

Another labor for Mum, she's putting these soaps into little hampers for our relatives.
I got out the typewriter and made little labels for them.They remind me of the song from The Sound of Music.

Monday, 15 December 2008

A product of my ironing: the clown with the impossible long arm.

I like this iron on transfer paper! I'm going to make some t-shirts for my brother with all his favourite sayings on them, a good Christmas present I think. It looks so nice and clean and unexpectedly professional, and most important it's cheap -even for little paupers like me.
I would have done something like this ages ago, but it took a fair bit of searching to find a blank white t-shirt cheap enough for me.
I have an ought against the second hand stores especially the Salvation Army shops. When I get angry and poor enough I may take drastic action and write a letter to the local newspaper.
There will be fear and trembling then.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Some old pictures.

I have a plan to print some of these out and iron them onto a t-shirt.

Pop and Nanny
1930 something: Probably just before Pop went off to war.

1960 something: Suddenly they have 4 children, my Mum on the top right.

1970 something: my Mum and her sister on the right.
I'm told the hair was the Jimi Hendrix influence.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

More decoration.

I've counted 20 frames in my room, with old photos, new photos, old pictures etc.
And now heres another one I've just put together, there will always be wall space in my room for another frame.
The frame is one my Dad made, I painted it and used some secondhand fabric for the back just because it was pretty. The old advertisement is one I scanned from a 1920s West Australian newspaper.

Just so I don't feel it's gone to waste.

Well, I got my call yesterday, telling me I'd been accepted to study costume at this place.

At my interview (is that what it's called?) 2 weeks ago there wasn't time to show the portfolio which I labored over for two weeks prior. The time was taken up looking at my education portfolio (I was home schooled) and the big bag of stuff I've made and clothes I've sewn -all of which are scattered about on this blog.
For a portfolio I used a big book with blank black pages because I want to continue adding to it.
So I'm posting some of it here, I hope you find it amusing. :)
Merry Christmas everyone.

Despite the lack of recent sewing projects being posted here, I have been sewing but I've been sewing Christmas presents for my family so I'll be keeping them secret for now. I made two oddball t shirts for my sister's birthday, I'll put pictures of those up later because they were cute and fun to make.