Saturday, 22 November 2008

Felt spats.

I got those shoes for $2 and covered them with felt and fabric glue.
They're meant to look like they've got spats on. I quite like them and do plan to wear them the first chance I get. Due to short sightedness I had to make a total of 3 trips to the shop for more felt.


  1. hehe, hi!
    i've just been going through your blog (even though i should be studying for my french exam next week) and i find you and your work to be really impressing! you've inspired me even moreso to get creative and sew as much as possible.
    i hope to one day be able to sew victorian-style clothing, with a bit of a circus ringmaster twist. speaking of which, how did u make a regular coat into a tailcoat? but i guess its loose so u didnt have to worry about making it fitted?
    anyway, i'm commenting on this particular part of your blog because ... SHOES FOR TWO DOLLARS??? r u kidding me? how on earth did u find shoes for $2? should i be living in WA now or something? haha, i actually live in victoria, and through reading your blog i thought it might've been some other american something-or-other like everything else i've found, so i was verrrry excited to see its all aussie. no particular reason, just nice to find something closer to home...
    woah, im sorry this is a really long comment.
    well, keep up the good work! and i hope ur having a wonderful time studying costume (and stuff).

  2. Hi,
    It was great to get such a great comment thanks!
    You can find some good victorian pattern books online, not too cheapo, but consider you can use them over and over again. I also love circus costume :)
    To make a tailcoat out of a regular coat...mine wasnt fitted, but i would imagine you could cut off the back, fit the coat with darts all around and sew the back back on in the form of tails, if the coat wasnt long in the first place perhaps tails made of some similar fabric?

    As for the shoes I only go to the church second hand shops as the regular ones like salvos are getting greedy in my opinion.

    Thanks for the comment!