Friday, 31 October 2008

The oaf-ish tangled mess.

Of course I didn't mean it to turn out oaf-ish, but staring at the picture just now it seems the only word to describe it.
I probably spent something over 15 hours knitting this tangled mess.
This sweater was the first big thing I've knitted, and I was quite proud of it until I ruined it.

At least I got the wool for free. It is very heavy, (my mannequin is now suffering from multiple sclerosis) and I think the wool must be untreated. I know this because it is coarse and white and still smells exactly like a sheep -I have smelt a sheep before.
Because of these two things i like the wool very much.
However, I think it was a mistake to try and dye the thing scarlet, I used too much water in the dye bath and so it turned quite pink. Also it became bigger somewhere along the way, obviously because now it looks like a bit of a monster.

Unless I'm very angry I usually wait a few weeks before throwing failed projects away, just enough time to forget all the hours of effort that went into it.

Does anyone know how to shrink wool?


  1. IF i knew that i could save millions of my projects that i couldnt be bothered checking the tension on.

    Love to noo bell

  2. And now you've hidden it away! Teehee

  3. You can try to shrink it in hot might felt a bit and be careful that it doesn't shrink too much!!

  4. Is that just in a bowl of hot water? Because I read somewhere that putting it through a dryer works, I don't have a dryer though.