Friday, 31 October 2008

The oaf-ish tangled mess.

Of course I didn't mean it to turn out oaf-ish, but staring at the picture just now it seems the only word to describe it.
I probably spent something over 15 hours knitting this tangled mess.
This sweater was the first big thing I've knitted, and I was quite proud of it until I ruined it.

At least I got the wool for free. It is very heavy, (my mannequin is now suffering from multiple sclerosis) and I think the wool must be untreated. I know this because it is coarse and white and still smells exactly like a sheep -I have smelt a sheep before.
Because of these two things i like the wool very much.
However, I think it was a mistake to try and dye the thing scarlet, I used too much water in the dye bath and so it turned quite pink. Also it became bigger somewhere along the way, obviously because now it looks like a bit of a monster.

Unless I'm very angry I usually wait a few weeks before throwing failed projects away, just enough time to forget all the hours of effort that went into it.

Does anyone know how to shrink wool?

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fancy Sailor

This is a picture of a reproduction pattern for sale on the site Eva Dress. If I could afford it I would buy everything from there.
The pattern is from the early 1900s, I think it's lovely but the pattern itself is very large. Instead, I got a pattern from the 1980s for 50cents with the same kind of collar, I used this pattern to make my own version. It's only second best but it will do for now.
One of my favourite pictures.

Both envisioned during the night.

With both of the these the sewing machine gave me a fair bit of trouble. I was forced to hand sew the waist band on the skirt. And the stitching on the jacket is odd and uneven.
The sewing machine seems to delight in breaking down on me for no apparent reason, and then suddenly repairing itself a few days later.
I like the polka dots and that skirt is the first skirt I have ever made.

1930s pattern -plus fours and shirt:

My most recent pattern from eBay. A French pattern from the 1930's, they are a pair of boys plus fours, or golfing knickers. I'm not sure whether I bought the pattern because it was cheap, 80 years old, or because I like the design.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

My very own tags.

Aha, now this was enormously fun.
I've made my very own tags to stitch onto everything I make.
The tags were incredibly simple to make, just mirror printed on transfer paper and ironed onto some calico cloth. I cut them all out with pinking shears.

I could not resist a picture of one with my clown.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Have suddenly found myself interested in the early 1900s.
I can easily place this as a result from watching early Charlie Chaplin films, I've watched 12 from his short film collection and throughly enjoyed them all.
There is something to be said for silent film, it's refreshing.
There is a strange mixture of sadness and humour in each story which is somehow appealing.
My favourite of the collection is Easy Street.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A newly made costume for my new favourite clown.

So happy together.

I like having something to do while watching TV, or a movie or sitting having tea. For that reason I hand sewed the costume on this new little clown. He had been naked for several weeks while i took my time thinking up his costume. The clothes I bought him in were ugly plastic frilly things, and both he and I hated them. Now I've just got to make myself a matching costume.

Monday, 6 October 2008

First attempt at crocheting a hat. Also a knitted military cap.

Not really a hat, just something to sit on the head with no real purpose at all. If I didn't add that gold button it would look mighty like a pot holder.
That shiny thing in the right corner is a half sewn pillbox hat, I think.
Right now I'm trying to knit some kind of military cap, you'll soon see how that goes.


What a funny face.
Heres another hat, knitted this time. It's meant to be some sort of military cap, it would be better made out of stiff fabric.
I didn't like it so I gave it to Dad, he wore it nonstop for 2 days, but I think it's given him hay fever, right now it is laying discarded on his desk.

Third blouse from my 1940s pattern.

I used the same 1940s pattern for this blouse as for two others; the checkered and the diamond print ones.
Of course, I changed the pattern slightly for each one. With this blouse I shortened and gathered the sleeves, made my own pointed cuffs, and finally did the collar properly.
There is a little zipper and two sets of darts at the back. I'm happy to know that zippers are easy and not as frightening as they look.