Sunday, 5 July 2009

A green waistcoat called Corduroy:

In the picture I'm wearing my Charlie Chaplin coat and trousers. But the green waistcoat is one I made recently. -I like to think it's missing a button on purpose, gives it a little more character.
It's got two little fake pockets on either side and is made of second hand green corduroy and lined with calico.

About a 1940s jacket and it's pointy hood.

Here I am wearing the jacket made from the above pattern. It's got a nice pointy hood. The fabric and buttons I used were second hand.

(Better not try and guess what's happening in the photograph. -Although the chickens in the background seem to be feathery accomplices of some sort.)

I made those pants and lederhosen recently out of an old blanket and dented silver buttons.

Putting together a Charlie Chaplin costume

The only thing I acually made were the pants, which I made oversized and baggy.
I got a coat second hand and made it into a small tailcoat, and cut the front back into that rounded shape. And used a grater to age it and make it look rag-tag, also rubbed cornstarch into it to make it loook faded. -Which was fun because I had never done that before.
For the hat what I did was colour it black, it used to be light blue.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My grandparents peeking out of a frame.

A rather odd wedding photograph of them. I glued it and some card onto back, and if that wasn't enough, on top of all those layers I glued a brooch pin.
Now I can wear my grandparents on my sleeve.