Monday, 10 November 2008

The mime-head and other stories.

I don't know what kind of clay this is but it is wonderful stuff.
It's easy to mold, it isn't messy, and when it is dry you can still shape it with your choice of some sharp object.
I had made this head intending to attach it to a headless clown that I'd been saving for this very thing. But it turned out the head wasn't suited to the clown body. I cannot bear seeing my failed projects so it was put away.
Today I suddenly decided I wanted to paint it and now here he is with an ink painted face.
I like how the black ink makes his head shiny.
It is, of course, in keeping with my mime/clown fixation as well as plenty of doubt as to it's gender.

I had so much fun painting the mime that I got out the clay again and am eager for this next one to dry.


  1. these guys are delightful!!

  2. Thanks they were lots of fun to make, and so simple too.