Monday, 10 November 2008

A hat with no uses.

Pretty much the most useless thing I've made. It is, I think because of the shape, called a pillbox hat. I had the shell lying around which I put together quite a while ago, so I decided today I'd force myself to finish it.
If you notice that the lace I used is discoloured in parts this is due to age. The white or slightly yellowed lace is probably 50 years old -having been rescued by me from being buried in a second hand shop.
As with everything I make, all materials have been rescued. -And lots of fabric glue.
I wish I had made it smaller.

A view of the inside. I've put a thick piece of cardboard in the top to make it solid. The button in the center is attached though a hole to the lace on the top, and helps hold it in place.

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