Monday, 15 December 2008

A product of my ironing: the clown with the impossible long arm.

I like this iron on transfer paper! I'm going to make some t-shirts for my brother with all his favourite sayings on them, a good Christmas present I think. It looks so nice and clean and unexpectedly professional, and most important it's cheap -even for little paupers like me.
I would have done something like this ages ago, but it took a fair bit of searching to find a blank white t-shirt cheap enough for me.
I have an ought against the second hand stores especially the Salvation Army shops. When I get angry and poor enough I may take drastic action and write a letter to the local newspaper.
There will be fear and trembling then.


  1. In Yahoo Messenger lingo: ^:)^

    enough said.

  2. Would you wear it? Also, how's it going with the measuring.

  3. Not sure about the colour.. but the long arm'ed thing has a fair bit of appeal.

    The measuring promises to be done soon.

  4. Yes too bad I can only do it on light colours.
    I going to get some other paper that works on dark colours, just for my own amusement, it's also a good gift.