Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Magnet making. And two little clown statues.

Each real estate agent in our area issues a calender magnet every year without fail. Inevitably there will be a photo of the agent, each with the same smile, big and fake. Thanks to Mum's newspaper round I can have as many of these magnets as I want.
I ripped off their faces and their advertising (with pleasure) and instead glued on these old photographs. The top one is of my great grandparents on my Mum's side -I'm pretty sure the picture was taken at my grandparent's wedding. I'll have to ask Nanny who the people in the other photo are, I'm guessing they are relatives from England.
I added photo corners to make the pictures look just like they did in Nanny's photo album.

Nothing to do with magnets, but I found these little guys today for a dollar each. The one on the left is missing an arm. They blend right in.

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