Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I'm a busy little bee.

Once again Mum has got us, but mainly me, busy.
She's very clever this way, I only just realised how clever, she's got me making things and wrapping stuff up for her. She has even got me using my prized brown paper.
I thought that I didn't have to worry about this Christmas stuff till I had 10 children and hundreds of inlaws to appease.

Sister Lisa and I spent last night in the living room factory churning out the Christmas cards, haunched over like factory workers. At least we were allowed to view a film while we worked.

A shirt for my brother from Mum, somehow without asking me to do anything she got me to do this.

Well, this was my own initiative -though how can I be sure, really.
Pop (Mum's Dad) took a little box camera to New Guinea when he was stationed there during World War 2. He took a lot of pictures and developed them all himself while there.
There's even one he took of a Japanese general surrendering.
I'm transferring them to a new album, and loving every minute of it, these pictures are so interesting.

Another labor for Mum, she's putting these soaps into little hampers for our relatives.
I got out the typewriter and made little labels for them.They remind me of the song from The Sound of Music.

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