Thursday, 23 October 2008

My very own tags.

Aha, now this was enormously fun.
I've made my very own tags to stitch onto everything I make.
The tags were incredibly simple to make, just mirror printed on transfer paper and ironed onto some calico cloth. I cut them all out with pinking shears.

I could not resist a picture of one with my clown.


  1. They are, lets face it, quite cool!

    I'm hesitant to comment on the trousers you posted earlier because I'm not sure yet if they're male or female, but they too are stirring a covetous thought or two.

  2. Thanks Amos! Even the overused balloon, I know it should be quite deflated by now.

    Oh, the trousers -they are rather dubious aren't they. I wear the ones with the suspenders a lot -good for tending to the chickens. Probably a man could get away with those. It's a funny thought.