Wednesday, 11 June 2008

My ideal coat:

I made this coat out of an old blanket which cost me $1.00, and a pattern which cost 50 cents.


  1. hi nicole,
    i love your coat.. it rocks :)
    I also love your blog and was wondering if you could recommend any good books on life in Europe around 1900? I really want to research this time because it fascinates me, but most material is about American history :(
    Greetings from Austria

  2. Thanks Hanna, I don't wear the coat as much as I should.
    Reading biographies is a good way to immerse yourself in other times.
    My favourite time period to read about right now is early 1900s and around WW2 time.

    Here are some biographies off the top of my head:

    Agatha Christie's autobiography -is very very good. Starts early 1900s, a fun book and a very interesting life as she went all over Europe and also Iraq.

    Another good one is Velocity by mandy sayer -its about 1960s 70s, but very interesting life story.

    If you track down and read any of these let me know if you like them.
    I usually just go to the library and open a book, look at any photos inside to determine what time period it is in -I've discovered great books just by doing that.

  3. Hi Nicole,

    You have so many interesting pieces on your blog! This coat is very nice. It makes me think of Dickens. Your sewing feels very literary in general. Lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  4. Thank you,
    The coat could be something out of The Old Curiosity Shop, or on the artful dodger. I like the drawings from those books.

    "He wore a man's coat, which reached nearly to his heels. He had turned the cuffs back, half-way up his arm, to get his hands out of the sleeves: apparently with the ultimated view of thrusting them into the pockets of his corduroy trousers; for there he kept them."