Sunday, 5 July 2009

A green waistcoat called Corduroy:

In the picture I'm wearing my Charlie Chaplin coat and trousers. But the green waistcoat is one I made recently. -I like to think it's missing a button on purpose, gives it a little more character.
It's got two little fake pockets on either side and is made of second hand green corduroy and lined with calico.



  2. your selection is fantastic because your is gorgeous in the Charlie Chaplin coat & trousers..

    you also try renaissance clothing...

  3. Hey there, I just found your blog today and I found it/ you hilarous. Why aren't you posting anymore? Says you're in Australia-so am I, are you in Melbourne *fingers crossed*? If you are we should meet up-if you aren't we should plan to meet up I like sewing and have made a couple of costumes too (although mostly I sew things I can wear out)and I think it would be cool to hang out and geek out on sewing things (among others).