Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Costumes for the little people: Jack and a naked Mime.

Although it could be a shame that I spent hours creating this costume for such a small inanimate little person, I think it turned out rather nice and now I know what I can do.


In a book on Theater I saw an old drawing of a clown with a top hat, I wanted to make a little one for my only naked porcelain mime. The hat was made but never made it to the mime, instead I thought it suited 'Jack' much better. Jack is a doll that I've had for about ten years. He has a sad face and very real looking eyes. Now he has only one leg and a bad haircut.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful miniature costume. And Jack is a really interesting doll ... the hat makes him look a bit like a melancholy Artful Dodger.

  2. Thanks very much.
    Jack does remind of a little ruffian, he has so much character. He looks wronged. I've pinned that smile on him, hoping to give him something to live up to.